to optimise

The innovation that helps waste holders and treatment operators to make the best optimisation decisions.

SELIGO is a digital transaction and services platform designed for waste professionals.

For those with waste to dispose of, SELIGO locates sites with the necessary treatment capacities. SELIGO helps to manage both costs and environmental impact.

For treatment centres, SELIGO optimises the sale of marginal capacities, under the best market conditions.

SELIGO allows you to manage compliance and transaction payment in a secure environment.


Three steps to better optimisation

SELIGO locates marginal treatment capacities and waste supply.
Operators choose the best option according to their own criteria: product, quantity, price etc.

The waste holders book treatment or services online. The treatment capacity holders book waste tonnage.
Their profile has been validated in advance so that the transaction can be completed.

Waste is taken to the treatment centre and checked, before being invoiced
at the agreed price.
Payment is made for each delivery.


“All waste
should be optimised”

Landfill use may be in decline, but there are still obstacles preventing the best approach to waste treatment and recycling.
In Europe only 41% of waste was optimised in 2015.

SELIGO aims to improve the proportion
of waste that is optimised by creating the link between supply and demand.